Commercial Floor Mats
Custom Logo Mats Custom-logo mats are ideal for companies looking to amplify their brand name or for sports fans to show their team-pride.

Get your logo on your commercial floor mat

Savvy business owners know to take every opportunity to brand their space. Integrating your logo onto your floor mat puts those moments to use that customers spend watching their step—while helping make sure that reflex is never a necessary one.

Putting your logo on a mat is an easy and fast process. A good turnaround time for ordering your mat is between 4 to 6 business days. We recommend you find a store that doesn't charge extra for custom artwork, or even better, provides free email proofs. Follow our 8 simple steps to help ensure a hassle-free design process:

  • Choosing a Mat: First, select the material of your mat. Consider, for example, anti-fatigue mats which prevent musculoskeletal disorders, water-mats that soak up excess liquid, or plain mats for cleanliness or to match your aesthetic.

  • Artwork Submission: If you don’t have a specific design in mind, find a store that you can collaborate with. Find a retailer with strong customer service reviews, and call or email them to assist you.If you have access, use a design program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw to create high-resolution designs. Once the artwork is submitted, professionals will take a look and return a mat design, free of charge, for you to approve.

  • Logo Orientation: Decide whether you want landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation for your logo placement.

  • Color: Next, choose a background color that works well with your logo. Color options abound so try not to get overwhelmed!

  • Size: Select the size with your specific space in mind; options range from as small as 3 ft x 3 ft to as large as 6 ft x 40ft ft. Also, the bigger the mat, replica watches the more room for your logo or message. Bear in mind that mats shrink during the heat process so it's a good idea to order one size larger than what you actually need.

  • Back-Option: Opt for a cleated back for tougher grip in order to ensure your mat stays in place in hazardous spots like a kitchen or factory floor. Or, choose a smooth back for average grip on normal surfaces.

  • Quantity: Buying more than one mat will drive down the price significantly—even if it's just two mats instead of one.

  • Special Instructions: Stores usually allow you to submit notes to replica watches the design team. This is a good opportunity to consult the design team’s expertise or advise them of your preferences.