Commercial Floor Mats

Types of commercial floor mats

Commercial floor mats serve a number of purposes, from promoting safety in the workplace to simply tying a room together. Below are four of the most common types of commercial floor mats available on the market today.

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti Fatigue Mats
In certain industries, especially when workers are on their feet for the whole day, anti-fatigue mats can play a big role in the reduction of injuries. The squishy microfiber material has been known to help reduce pain in both the back and feet.
Indoor carpet mats

Indoor Carpet Mats
People are going to bring in divots no matter what, but with an indoor carpet mat, you won't have to worry about dirt and grime. The mats' design means that dirt absorbs replica iwc watches into the mat without altering its appearance significantly (it doesn’t look filthy, and neither does the floor around it), and the mats are also easy to clean.

Entry mats

Entry Mats
While the generic welcome mat is the best known entry mat, most vendors will allow you to make your entry mat more personal with a logo or custom text. Entry mats come in both indoor and outdoor varieties.

Non-slip wet area mats

Non-Slip Wet Area Mats
The rubber backing replica watches and waterproof material of these mats make them ideal for typically wet places, like just outside of a shower or a porch in the Pacific Northwest. These mats live up to their name, as they won't slip, even on a smooth surface.

Scraping mats

Scraping Mats
You can utilize a more textured mat, sometimes known as a scraping mat, replica watches at the entrance to your commercial space to help ensure that anyone entering will have clean feet. This can help prevent disease, as well as guarding against trips and falls.